Case History Tracking

Case history plays important role while interacting with prospects and customers. It will be a solid digital proof with you in case of any grievances.

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How to add history?

1. When you want to just add history without setting or updating call or meeting details select person from Quick Search Bar.

2. Click on name of the person in side-bar.

3. Click [+] button beside the Note.

4. Type note and press Enter button on keyboard to save note.

Add History

The new note will be saved in history on current date.

How to update history?

Whenever you make Phone Calls or update Meeting Schedule through first 2 buttons on Today Bar.

Whenever you set Next Action through last 2 buttons on Today Bar.

Whatever you enter in Note section will go to history after pressing Done and Next button.

Update History

How to view case history?

Click on History button on Home Screen to refer complete case history of selected person.

Case History

How to print case history?

Click on Member History option from Self Evaluation menu.

Member History

Click on Print button to preview entire history of that person.

Print History