Task Management

After selling product giving servicing on regular basis is a very tedious task. Use auto task manager to handle all of your servicing tasks automatically in effective manner. Also get task reminder every morning in your and your assistant's email inbox.

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How to assign servicing tasks?

Click on Task button to start Auto Task Manager.

Auto Task Manager

Click on New button and enter whatever information available for new task.

Then click Save button. The task will be repeated till End Date with selected Frequency.

Assign Task

How to close servising tasks?

Double-Click on any task in the list to enter progress of task.

1. If the task is not over select In Progress from Action Status else select Finished.

2. Select Next Action from the list. If Visit is selected you will get the task reminder in your email inbox.

3. Select Action Date.

4. Select Assign To person.

5. Enter Action Details.

6. Click Save button.

Close Task

If the task is Finished, it will be automatically set for next Frequency till End Date.

How to find pending tasks?

Click on Start Date in the list of tasks.

Pending Tasks

All Pending Tasks will appear on top of the list in descending order.

How to manage documents?

Click on Attach button in Auto Task Manager.

Attach Documents

Click New button to attach documents related to that particular task. Then click Save button.

Manage Documents