Search What You Want

Once your contact list is ready, it is easy to search what you want. Just make a wish what you want and get it through quick search or multiple grouping. Even randomly selection of contacts is very easy.

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How to Quick-Search group?

1. Scroll the list and select column group to search in Quick Search Bar.

2. Enter search text and the contact list will be filtered according to search criteria.

Quick Search Contacts

How to do multiple grouping?

Click on Find button for advance search.

Advance Search Contacts

Tick mark or type any multiple grouping combination.

Search Multiple Groups

Click Ok button to get selected contacts in the side bar list.

How to find random contacts?

Click on List button to browse entire list.

Browse List

Tick mark random contacts as per your choice and click Add & Close button.

Add & Close

Selected contacts will appear in the side bar list.